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Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS

Our site provides a complete contbounceInUp g board to manage it.

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Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising

the mobile marketing industry is developing in a rapid pace.

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Mobile Location Based

Mobile Location Based

it is a new form of communication that integrates Mobile Advertising with Location - based service. .

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Bulk SMS service

This service enables you to send one message to unlimited numbers of mobile phones, also you can send group advertising messages to your current or new customers, and to practice marketing, quickly and effectively, for the products and offers submitted by your company.

Bulk MMS service

you can send a Bulk MMS containing all types of multi-media files (such as : pictures, audio, video, …etc). Also, you can attach a 4 mega bite text file with your MMS.

Groups Service

This service enables you to reorganize your customers, employees, or family using a certain category , naming each category to be able to send a message for certain group simply by choosing your category name without bothering to use any numbers or data. Your numbers and data shall be saved in your own account, you can log on anytime to use them.

Converter Service

Now, you can simply overcome dealing with the modified numbers using our converter service which converts automatically the numbers to their new modification during each sending process with a unique possibility to handle many modified and unmodified numbers at the same time, and you can save numbers after their modification using the link on our site home page without sending the message, just you have to save the new modified number and use it anytime.

Unlimited Message Service

Using this service, you can write all the text and words you want with unlimited number of letters to be delivered to the receiver as one complete message , the cost of this message will be deducted from your credit after sending process directly

API Merge Technology

Our customers shall enjoy our API sending merge technology with any other programing system for your company or organization as it enables your system to automatically send messages as required without the interference of your contbounceInUp g board.

Scheduling Service

This service is provided in case that you have customers or participants or even your staff need to send them messages periodically , at the expiry of a client registration, for the renewal of a lease, or to provide staff salaries, without the need for any follow up, scheduling service shall follow up all these appointments and it shall help companies and institutions communicating with their listed agents and clients continuously and to submit the services revealing their professionalism , and to maintain the customers , and to reorganize their subscriptions and follow them up automatically.

Filtering numbers service

We, exclusively, provide this service our Bulk Group SMS users as you can find incorrect or duplicate numbers, now you can insert all numbers before sending the message and to be sure of their accuracy in order to be delivered to the correct numbers which you can save for another message sending process. Also, you are able to identify the wrong numbers to correct them only using SMSsmartegy.

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